Tuesday, August 7, 2007

spaguetti meatsauce and sausage, podcasts, software and the future of MacGoogle

today in the life of Marqui Adora

drum programming and uploading software took care of the morning

john made us a great lunch while waiting for word on the new line of apple products

spent the first part of the afternoon reading minutes from the presentation
and watching videos on the new imac and the updates to ilife, iwork etc.

recorded a bunch of material for upcoming podcasts one of which will be up tonight

added 2 new songs to our band practice

i'm tired and can't think i'm off to bed


check out the new imac and ilife features here: Apple - iLife

also read what our good friend thecapitalclinic posted on his blog this morning about the music industry here: Fuzz :: TheCapitalClinic