Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Night, Alright!

Kinda slow, yet active week.

Apparently some english band released an important record this week. Something about rainbows.

In MA news...

Howard is off to LA for a wedding, John and Danny have been in and out of the studio working on vocals and I've been shaking babies and kissing hands with the internets, mainly bloggers and podcasters. We did get a cool write up on a german blog called coast is clear which was very nice, still working on the translation though, kinda rough:

"Over the tape Marqui Adora from Florida I wanted already long actually times which in my Blog to become loose, describe her their music nevertheless as follows: "M.A. is A dazzle OF skirt and dance music, with vocals into the styles OF The Cure, U2"

Yeah not the best translation.

Also we'll have a new gig announcement in a few days and potentially another single. Very Exciting!

Tonight I'm off to see D&B producer Digital do a DJ set at the Laundry Bar on South Beach. Back when I was DJing D&B on the regular I would no doubt have two or three Digital tunes in my bag at all times, so I'm pretty excited to see where he's at nowadays.

That's all for now.

Have a great weekend!

Marqui Adora