Monday, March 30, 2009

The Revolution will be Streamed!

The world is a changing, some links to support that idea:

Another Kicker from Bob Lefsetz:

"If you want to have a fulfilling, enriched life today you don’t start a band, you start a company! Is your desire to date Mariah Carey or have enough money to attract reasonable members of the opposite sex? Do you want to have people tell you what to do or do you want to be in charge of your own destiny? Tech is about innovation. What do they say, "Innovate or die"? Whereas in the music business it’s "I don’t hear a single."

Customer Service is the title of a recent blog entry by Bob Lefsetz, in it he once again draws parallels from the Music & Tech industries, both of which I'm interested in. I really like where Bob is going lately, Since I have my feet in both fields I can relate easily.


TechCrunch: Jason Kincaid takes a First Look at Lala’s iPhone App which will Stream Your Music Library From The Cloud. This is an important step in what is to come for all media. When the dust settles the end result for most users will be on demand cloud stored media. Music, Movies & TV will not be owned by most but streamed and subscribed to on demand. The next couple years will see stepping stones towards this end, but the bottom line will be access to everything everywhere when you want it. But you're saying "Wait this is no good for me, I'm a DJ, I mix and match beats and tempos, I just got use to CD's I can't just stream files and mix them, My Laptop will crash!!!" No worries you'll still be hoarding files, all of your fans however will most likely not. Resistance is Futile.


SMK - 6 Swedes pick up where Kraftwerk left off.

John found this video 1st, which seems to be a really well done fan video. I of course liked the song, dug a little bit deeper and found the 10+ minute live jam version.

The group is called SlagsmÄlsklubben or SMK, according to their MySpace they're from Stockholm and Berlin and they have a new EP out called Sponsored by Destiny, which is also the name of the song in both the video's above.

Here another called Smedby Eyes