Sunday, March 18, 2007

Online sales through Payloadz!

After a lot of research on the topic we’ve decided to sell our music online using a Payloadz account.

This means that in addition to using iTunes and other online services we will be able to offer you new music right when it’s finished rather than having to wait the 2-3 months it takes to process through iTunes. Cool huh? As a bonus for us we will receive more money from each sale above a certain amount.

We are also going to offer each song in a high (320kbps) bit rate MP3 with the lyrics and other goodies. As time goes by we’ll also offer some other files such as videos and Garageband files so Mac users can remix select tunes for the dance floor. (Or turn Danny into a chipmunk!)

So expect us to have something new for you to buy in April or May. (He says optimistically.)

Marqui Adora