Friday, October 19, 2007

Catch The Sun

Busy day again.

We re-tracked Drums, Bass, Guitar and Vocals for the song previously known as "Making Money Ain't Easy" which is now titled "Catch The Sun". The writing and recording for this song is being done very quickly to capture a bit of urgency and to meet our self imposed deadline of having the song completed by this Monday.

Additionally there's another song that is near the finish line entitled "In The Rain" which blatantly draws inspiration from the movie "That Thing You Do" and The Beach Boys. It's yet again something totally different from us but we're kinda fond of the idea of breaking out of the mold and surprising not only ourselves but you, the listener (or reader in this case). "In The Rain" will get the final Mix Down this weekend and should be available to everyone this Monday.

Seeing a pattern yet?

Finally there's a third song to talk about, a major reworking of "Yours and Mine". It's a song we've had on the shelf for almost two years and it's always been a little flat, which is why it's never been released and only played live once or maybe twice. This past week though John and Danny made a lot of head way on the song taking it into a really cool direction. As it stand right now it's kind like Violator and Songs of Faith & Devotion era Depeche Mode meets the TV show Fire Fly. It's raw but really slick sounding. It's still in the early stages but man has it come along way!

All for now.

Marqui Adora